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Havaianas Do Pobre Ao Plebeu
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Categoria: Tecnologia
Enviado por: Lorena 28 dezembro 2011
Palavras: 10520 | Páginas: 43
lturas, conhecimentos, experiências, ambições, percepções, valores e recursos materiais, financeiros e tecnológicos.
Palavras-chave: 1. Planejamento Estratégico; 2. Empreendedorismo e Estratégia de Negócios; 3. Estratégia Aplicada – Teoria dos Jogos.
Aiming to maintain a good relationship with the national and international community, the company has shown that when it proposes to introduce a new sales strategy, aimed at productivity and social responsibility, it is possible to be competent within the consumer market and is capable of seek the welfare of a community and all who work within the company, given the demands on government and international environmental conservation and the search for a better quality of life of their products and consumers.
In practice, what we see is that these companies have in common: strategic focus, obsession with low costs, low operational complexity, few hierarchical levels, good levels of commitment and cooperation of employees, the constant search for simplicity, transparency and encourage entrepreneurship in information.
Given this apparent paradox, we note once more that innovative and ingenious solutions do not represent pre-conditions for the success of organizations, but also not enough to operate with simplicity to achieve great results.
The truth is that running a business remains a challenge where wonderful mix, among others, different visions, goals, skills, culture, knowledge, experiences, ambitions, perceptions, values and material resources, finance and technology.
Keywords: 1. Strategic


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