Money does buy happiness

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Yes, Moneys Does Buys Happiness

For a long time, we knew that there was a happiness stereotycal, a point were more money basically stopped buying greater satisfaction. Maybe we were wrong. Ofcourse we know that money cannot buy essential and important things and feelings in our lives, such as friendship or family, privacy, love or nice memories, health or ethics values. However, the questionis: How money could help us or make our lives easier, and consequently it would bring us the called happiness? Money can be a nice partner in our lives because it provides access to culture,education and excellent moments with your family.
First of all, money can provide travels to other countries. As a consequence, people can visit different cultures and experiences to understand othernations and their behaviors. Travelling abroad is one way to access and know new languages, places, customs, climates, and cultures, such as arts and history. The world is full of natural beauties andcharms, and it is worth devoting some of our time to glimpse the wonders that other countries reserve for us.
Second, if you can provide an excellent education for your children, you probably have tospend a lot of money by them. It is a logical sequence if the person has money to spend to the children’s education, these children will probably have the opportunity to enter a nice university.Consequently, these children can become fantastic professionals when they are adults. This becomes even more important in countries where the public education is awful, because the parents must pay arttuition monthly. In other words, in some countries, like Brazil, if parents want to give a nice education by their children they have to afford it.
Finally, money can allow nice moments with your family.In simpler words, if you have excellent financial you can work less and spend your time with your family, especially your children. Why have children if you do not time for them? It is common to see...
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