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2CH and Bridged Modes


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Two Channel MOSFET CarAudio Amplifiers

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Four Channel MOSFET Car Audio Amplifiers

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MonoBlock MOSFET Car Audio Amplifiers


10 2CH Power and Speaker wiring 11 2CH Power and Speaker wiring

Congratulations on your purchase of a Sound Storm Laboratories EVOLUTION Amplifier. It has been designed, engineered and manufactured to bring you the highest level of performance and quality, and willafford you years of listening pleasure. Thank you for making Sound Storm your choice for car audio entertainment!


12 4CH Power and Speaker wiring
4CH and Bridged Modes

13 4CH Power and Speaker wiring

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EVOLUTION MOSFET Amplifier User’s Manual - page 1

With the Sound StormLaboratories EVOLUTION MOSFET amplifier series, we are introducing eleven new amplifiers, all designed in the USA. This new series includes a two monoblock amps, six 2-channel, and four 4-channel amplifiers. All EVOLUTION models feature variable low pass and high pass crossovers and variable input gain controls. They also incorporate an input voltage sensistivity selector for added systemflexibility. For further flexibility in the use of a subwoofer, 0-+18dB Bass Boost control has been included on all amplifiers. You can control the subwoofer level with the remote level control module. Sound Storm understands that amplifiers are placed in many different kinds of installations, so we incorporated a very flexible system of controls in these amplifiers in order to help you integrate the ampinto your system regardless of the nature of your input source.

What is included?
When first unpacking your new amplifier, please check first that the package contains all of the items below. If something is missing, contact the store where you purchased the amplifier. • EVOLUTION amplifier • Remote subwoofer level control •High input cable with connector • Four (4) mounting screws

EVOLUTIONMOSFET Amplifier User’s Manual - page 2

Your new EVOLUTION amplifier features the following: • Class A-B operation • Bridgeable outputs (except EV1500M and EV2500M) • Tri-Mode capable (except EV1500M and EV2500M) • MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) Power Supply • 2 Ohm stable stereo operation with output power increase • Thermal and speaker short protection • Soft turn-on circuit •Remote turn-on/turn-off circuit • Variable input gain control • Variable low pass crossover(s) • Fixed high pass crossover(s) • Variable 0 to +18dB Bass Boost • Nickel-plated RCA low level and high level inputs • LED power and protection indicators • Dark grey anodized heatsink • Remote subwoofer level control

About 2 Ohm operation
Your EVOLUTION amplifier has been designed to operateefficiently at loads down to 2 Ohms. This means that you can install four 8 Ohm speakers per channel, when using parallel wiring. Increasing the number of woofers per channel at low frequencies (below 100Hz) produces an acoustic coupling effect. This acoustic coupling effect increases your power output by about 3dB per speaker, or the equivalent of an additional 10W per speaker. When operating at 2 Ohms,the amplifiers will increase their output power by approximately 50%. The current draw will also increase by about the same amount, so be sure you have enough current to run the amplifiers into a 2 Ohm load. If you lack adequate current, your music reproduction will be distorted.

EVOLUTION MOSFET Amplifier User’s Manual - page 3

General precautions
Before installing and using your new...
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