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1. Match the jobs with the duties.
security guard teacher nurse architect receptionist dentist accountant waiter salesman lawyer

a) Looks after your teeth:
b) Answers the phone, makes appointments:
c) Helps people to learn:
d) Sells products:
e) Takes care of patients in hospitals:
f)Serves in restaurants:
g) Writes contracts, represents people in court:
h) Checks financial results:
i) Designs buildings:
j) Is in charge of protecting people and things:

2. Match the personal qualities and skills to their definitions.

a) cooperative b) motivated c) talented d) proactive, self-starters
e) computer literate f) flexible g)numerate h) methodical and organized

( ) good at working on their own and making decisions
( ) can work in a planned way
( ) good with numbers
( ) good with computers
( ) very interested in doing well at their job
( ) naturally very good at what they do
( ) can assume different responsibilities if necessary
( ) work well with other people

Read below a list of 10 qualities and skills employers seek in job candidates according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Annual Job Outlook Survey, conducted in early 2003. Number them, trying to guess the order of importance according to NACE. Discuss the results in groups.

( ) Flexibility and adaptability
( ) Strong work ethics
( ) Honesty andintegrity
( ) Organizational skills
( ) Teamwork skills
( ) Motivation and initiative
( ) Communication skills (verbal and written)
( ) Analytical skills
( ) Interpersonal skills
( ) Computer skills

3. Read the following text and write the subtitles in the correct place.
a) Follow-up.
b) Body language.
c) Where to search.
d) A simple résumé.Tips for your first job

If you want to prepare yourself to get your first job, read the following tips. They will help you understand what is involved in the job-search process.
( ) __________Visit internet job sites, read job ads in local newspapers, go to employment agencies, or walk through your town / neighborhood looking for “help wanted” signs. Add to your list the companieswhere you would like to work.
Computer literacy. Dealing with computers is a must nowadays. Knowledge about basic computer programs and internet skills certainly make a difference in a competitive market.
( ) __________________Everybody needs a résumé to introduce themselves. It is an essential tool to describe your qualities and skills. Even if you are still at school and have no workexperience, you can show the things you are able to do. A résumé can point out some topics like the school subjects you like best, the volunteer work you have done or internships you have completed. Remember: a résumé has to be well-written (check out for any language errors) and concise (one page is enough) so that anybody can scan it easily.

Your appearance. When looking for a job orhaving an interview, take care of your appearance. Choose a simple hair style and appropriate clothes to help create a professional look.

Interview. Try to feel comfortable and smile during the interview. Give precise answers and ask questions about the company and the job to show that you are interested in the position.

( ) _____________Keep eye contact and have a firm handshaketo show you are confident. When invited to take a seat, sit up straight and avoid moving your hands all the time.

( )____________ After the interview, remember to make a follow-up call to check if you will be hired or not. If you get a “No, I’m sorry”, keep your attitude positive and try to discover the reason you were not selected. This can help you in the next interview.
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