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Estratégia Missão Visão

How organizational environment will evolve?

It anticipates the environment of the organization in a distant period.


Which must be the personality of the organization to operate in his environment?

It defines the values that orientate the daily conduct of organization and its members.


How the organization will perform its mission and will carry out its Strategy in the future?

Define, implement, Measures and monitors goals, which are congruents with the values.

vision is inspiration, mission is mobilization and strategy is performance

1.1 What vision is?

The vision results from the analysis of data on economy, demography, urbanization, culture and behavior of purchase and consumption. The vision allows to identify not satisfied necessities and expectations of the stakeholders and whose satisfaction constitutes opportunity for his activity

Requirements of the vision formulation

a) It must be established on the analysis of the data of the organizational environment . b) It must be formulated in a simple sentence; c) It must expresses the future opportunity

1.2 What mission is? What is our business is a question which can be answered only by looking from the outside, from the point of view of the consumers and the other stakeholders. The conception of specific mission is also society’s first need and interest. A well-defined mission serves as constant reminder of the need to look outside the organization not only for customers but also for measures of sucess.

Requirements of the mission formulation b) it must reveal the value added by the organization to the satisfaction of the necessities and expectations of the clients. a) it must be written in a simple sentence to be easily memorized. c) it must incorporate the


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