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Brazil Green Fashion


This report provides an analysis and evaluation of a marketing plan to bring the Brazilian swimwear brand Brazil to launch green fashion bikini recycled material.
Reports Market bikinis in Brazil, SWOT analysis, business goals, target market and ultimately the marketing strategy.
In particular, it was found that the market for recycled material is very broadfor new products since there is no difference or regulatory barriers as culture. The market is very open and profitable at the moment, the most reputable Brazilian beach fashion shows great opportunity to catapult this product at the moment.

Company Background

The Green Fashion Brazil Ltda, Is a company based in the belief that they can actively contribute in generating your business insociety, which is to take waste and debris resulting from human consumption, and turn them into a final product of high quality and value.

The concept of Green Fashion Brazil differs from traditional concepts and products for making swimwear. It is based on the holistic approach to quality, which emphasizes that large-scale production and low cost is nothing without quality and environmentalresponsibility.

The Green Fashion Brazil seeks to develop bikinis seeking, above all, offer variety, beauty and comfort for customers, combining cutting-edge production processes, with a personalized service, which provides agility, flexibility and consolidation of lasting relationships.

It is a brand whose mission is to translate elegance, style, comfort and sustainability in a femininefashion. The creation and launch of their products involve research and planning processes, always looking for trends in the fashion market. Works with diverse and innovative lines, developed in limited editions and exclusive, which consolidates the brand's profile.

The company seeks to differentiate itself in the market with a focus on new models of bikinis, new manufacturingmethods and customer satisfaction, providing the same excellent service not only upon purchase, but from the first contact.

- Conquer 30% of the market segment sales in clothing swimwear.
- Overcoming sales expectations by 5% each year.
- Join in the international market and increase their revenues by 3% in the first year.



✓ The company realizedit needed to innovate and will invest in research of raw materials for product development
✓ The research department will develop several tests to analyze the best use of the material.
✓ The company will invest in technology to develop a quality product.
✓ The marketing department will aim to develop a master plan for the introduction of this innovative product on the marketSuppliers

✓ There will be a partnership with suppliers to facilitate the delivery of the product in the market
✓ The company will seek to expand the supply of the product by investing in new sources of supply (new suppliers, shops, areas)
✓ Develop a loyalty plan with suppliers.


✓ Establish marketing campaigns with suppliers and partners
✓ Invest inadvertisements in newspapers, TV, magazines and internet.
✓ Promotional Campaigns


✓ The customer base will be maintained


Demographic environment

✓ The company is located in Brazil in 30 cities throughout the Brazilian territory
✓ Visa to enter the market in two Australian cities (Sydney, Perth) within 2 years]✓ The Brazil is a country with a coastal and divercidade huge audience.

Economic environment

✓ In the period from 2001 to 2011, Brazilian exports grew from $ 38.6 billion to $ 73.1 billion, and imports rose from $ 25.3 billion to $ 48.3 billion.
✓ The 2004 data confirm the positive trend of the trade balance, when there was a surplus of $ 33.7 billion. Exports totaled...
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