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Marketing Research That Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing Research That Won’t Break the Bank
A Practical Guide to Getting the Information You Need

Alan R. Andreasen
Foreword by William A. Smith
The Second Edition of Cheap But Good Marketing Research Prepared with the assistance of the Academy for Educational Development

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The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit and Public Management Series


Foreword William A. Smith Preface Acknowledgments The Author Part One: Planning a Low-Cost Research Program 1. Myths ofMarketing Research
Research Priests and the Low-Budget Manager • Moving Forward • Organization of the Book • Concluding Comments

xiii xvii xxiii xxv


2. Planning a Research Program
Framing the Research Problem • Looking for Opportunity • Research Planning • Serendipitous Research: Recognizing Research Opportunities as You Go • The Decision Opportunity


3. Evaluating IndividualResearch Projects
Setting Budgets • Decision-Based Research Budgeting • When to Resist Research





4. Backward Marketing Research
How Research Goes Wrong • Turning the Process on Its Head • Conclusion


Part Two: Alternative Low-Cost Research Techniques 5. Using Available Data
Archives • Internal Archives • External Archives • Conclusion


6. SystematicObservation
Collecting Natural Observations • Controlling the Quality of Natural Observations


7. Low-Cost Experimentation
Experimental Design • Types of Experiments • Conclusion


8. Low-Cost Survey Designs
Survey Design • Low-Cost Sampling • Other Alternatives for Asking Questions


Part Three: Making Low-Cost Research Good Research 9. Producing Valid Data
NonquestionSources of Error • Asking Questions • Questionnaire Design


10. All the Statistics You Need to Know (Initially)
Fear of Statistics • Input Data • Descriptive Statistics • Statistical Analysis • Other Multivariate Techniques


Part Four: Organizing Low-Cost Research 11. Organization and Implementation on a Shoestring
Financial Assistance • Acquiring Knowledge • Acquiring...
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