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Marketing in a Dynamic World


Getting Acquainted – Victor Centeno
—༉  Academic

Business Management at ISCEF.
Professional courses at INSEAD and the Chicago University

—༉  Professional
—༉  Career on the fast moving consumer goods industry since 1972
—༉  Marketing and General Manager Positions in Unilever, Johnson Wax, Johnson &


Johnson,Backer Spielvogel Bates and Diageo in Portugal and abroad.
—༉  Until 2005, President of Diageo Portugal and Europe Regional Director for Diageo.
Founding partner of Task, a business improvement company established since 2005.
President and founding partner of Anebe, the Portuguese spirit companies association
President and founding member of Apan, the Portuguese advertising association.
Lecturedat the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Economia, Departamento
de Gestão 1993-96 

Getting Acquainted
  Seat next to three colleagues of yours.
  Take 3m to introduce to each other.
  Introduce to the class one of your colleagues:
  Start with number and academic background
  Tell us something surprising and unique about him/her

Thank you for using your
Name Cards Ways of Working

—༉  Punctuality
—༉  Stimulation of “in class” discussion
—༉  2 consecutive 1h 20m sessions
Marketing simulation play
—༉  Case discussions

Lectures and topics’ debates

—༉  Kotler – Marketing Management
—༉  Kellog on Marketing
—༉  Selected readings

Ways of Working

  Grader

Margarida Nunes
  Working together
 Office hours

Tuesdays, 12:30 to 13:30.
Gab 129

Course Goals
Have an impact on you
  At the professional level
  At a personal level by providing a different way of:
  Thinking about marketing
  Questioning yourself, and
  Working with people that surround you.

  Fundamentally, I hope you end up thoroughly enjoying marketing.


You will develop the capacity to:—༉  Identify important, relevant information in complex situations.
—༉  Be able to discriminate between essential and superfluous.
—༉  Create the mindset to deal with a “Dynamic World".
—༉  Take complex marketing decisions in a fast changing, challenging environment.
—༉  Enjoy the decision making process.

You will need

good knowledge of marketing concepts
We will not learn concepts…We will discuss them and apply them!
We will debate today’s marketing issues.

Let’s get started…

What is Marketing
for you?

Reviewing concepts…
A Marketing Plan Model

the Environment
the Promised Land
the Army

  Executive Summary – quick overview
  Current Situation – the external and internal audit

  SWOT – competitive position  The Opportunity – what is it and why is it going to succeed
  Positioning statement
  Objectives – measures of success
  Issues and solutions – obstacles in the way
  Strategies – how will that be achieved through the 4P’s
  Plans – actions for the 4 P’s
  Budgets – project P&L, cash, ROI
  Controls – milestones and responsibilities
  Risks and Mitigation – recovery plans “Did you know?”
Questions for debate

—༉  What is changing?
—༉  What could be the impact on
—༉  Organizations
—༉  Managers

—༉  What do we have to do to cope?
—༉  Can we take advantage?

Did you know?

Some previsions…
  You are preparing for jobs that do not exist…




… to use technologies not yet invented…
… and to solve problems not yet identified.
Whenyou are 38…
… you will have switched jobs 10 to 14 times…
… and 25% of you will be in the present job for less than a year.
1 week of New York Times info equals a lifetime in the 18th
… 1 year of info is more than the previous 5000 years put together.
In English, we can use 5 times the number of words Shakespeare
By 2013 a computer will exceed human brain capability…
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