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Using HP50g Calculator Connectivity Kit (CONNX4)
On the HP50g Calculator Side: Press {Right Shift} key (Red key) and then {SYM} key (CAT key).
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Scroll down and highlight XSERV Press {Enter} to select, and {Enter} to start command. The HP50g will display: Xmodem Server Waiting for command On the PC Side: Download and install the software. Start the HP CONNX4 Application. Change Connect using: USB Calculator and Speed: 115200 Select File menu and choose Connect option. If the connection is successful, the left panel will show HOME - CASDIR Encontre Manual de Eletrônico em Portugues em oferta e economize. www.MercadoLivre.c… Curso de Inglês Online
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Your E-mail Subscribe Click on CASDIR, the right panel will show a list of files inside the CASDIR folder in the calculator. To terminate the communication link with HP50g, you can either press the HP50g {ON} button once or on the PC, click on File and choose Disconnect.
FYI: This procedure is for HP50g but it is also applicable for HP49g+ Graphing Calculator.
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