Management by love

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Management by Love and Kindness and the Consequent Implications

Many of us nowadays would have been spared many tears only if we had only had the wisdom to take into consideration the pros and cons of the situation before doing anything. Having adopted a course of action without thinking, we find at once too many difficulties, smallor big, impeding our progress. Therefore, most of us fail to earn a decent livelihood because we have selected an appointment. In any circumstances, most organisation try to find a way out of reducing cost, and the purpose of increasing profitability. For example, it is very crucial for management to improve performance and productivity, not only economic but also social terms. As they told thatthere will be lots of abstractions, emotions, drama, sadness or sorrow throughout the life. Live for the day and fill with worthy deeds. Fill it with activities and constructive efforts.
Apparently, if you show love and understanding, you will not be surprised to find yourself loved in turn by everyone. Nobody in this world is perfect, but one should have the courage to live near perfection.Thus, always aim for perfection in your life. If you pursue this, your happiest day will come and the meaning of life will be understood.
Nowadays many accountants concentrate more on the aspect of accounting and finance. According to me, the organisation is depending much more on its people. If the people were not satisfied with an organisation, all the systems it applies would fail. What I feel isthat the theories of management are not far stretched enough to reach the hearts of the people of an organisation to give them a sense of want, care and kindness so that the people know they are wanted. In fact, a lot of people such as leaders fail to see that love, care and kindness towards their people has a lot to do with their organisation’s success and ensures that it will be ongoing day byday from strength to strength.
Love, care and kindness for people is the key that the religious leaders have taught and have set as examples for us to follow in order to have things function in proper order and not in chaos. But nowadays we could expect such as internal politics being so severe in organisations that each tries to outwit the other thereby leading to much wasted energy.
In myopinion, in a democratic society every person has the right to his own opinions. The freedom of expression is a prerequisite to the promotion of friendship, harmony and all-round satisfaction. A man must have the right to express his own feelings, his thoughts, his ideas, his likes and dislikes, without pressure from external bodies. This is actually in order to encourage a wealthy contribution ofideas to the reformation and building of a free modern world.
The leaders of religious have taught us how to manage the organisations. We can witness this even today because religious organisations have prospered more successfully than others have. Which organisation dares to say that it beats the philosophy of the religious leaders with empires worldwide never failing century after century? In factthe teaching of love and kindness towards people has seen genuine religious empires growing stronger and stronger. What if eel is that organisations and their managers should adopt the teachings of the worlds like Christ, and Buddha.
I therefore appeal to all managers, directors and top management to adopt a wider scope of management than just a few theories like management by exception, managementby walking about, and management by leadership, management by example. They should see that management by love, care and kindness should br as important if not more important that the management philosophies that we practice today. Anyone could love other people, and so everyone is in their own way spiritual. More will appear on this page in due course about how these ideas are being adapted...
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