Lucene in action

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Covers Apache Lucene 3.0

SECOND EDITION Michael McCandless Erik Hatcher , Otis Gospodnetic


Praise for the First Edition
This is definitely the book to have if you’re planning on using Lucene in your application, or are interested in what Lucene can do for you. —JavaLobby Search powers the information age. This book is a gateway to thisinvaluable resource...It succeeds admirably in elucidating the application programming interface (API), with many code examples and cogent explanations, opening the door to a fine tool. —Computing Reviews A must-read for anyone who wants to learn about Lucene or is even considering embedding search into their applications or just wants to learn about information retrieval in general. Highlyrecommended! — Well thought-out...thoroughly edited...stands out clearly from the crowd....I enjoyed reading this book. If you have any text-searching needs, this book will be more than sufficient equipment to guide you to successful completion. Even, if you are just looking to download a pre-written search engine, then this book will provide a good background to the nature of informationretrieval in general and text indexing and searching specifically. — The book is more like a crystal ball than ink on pape--I run into solutions to my most pressing problems as I read through it. —Arman Anwar, Arman@Web Provides a detailed blueprint for using and customizing Lucene...a thorough introduction to the inner workings of what’s arguably the most popular open source searchengine...loaded with code examples and emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning. — Hatcher and Gospodnetic bring their experience as two of Lucene’s core committers to author this ´ excellently written book. This book helps any developer not familiar with Lucene or development of a search engine to get up to speed within minutes on the project and domain....I would recommendthis book to anyone who is new to Lucene, anyone who needs powerful indexing and searching capabilities in their application, or anyone who needs a great reference for Lucene. —Fort Worth Java Users Group

More Praise for the First Edition
Outstanding...comprehensive and up-to-date ...grab this book and learn how to leverage Lucene’s potential. —Val’s blog ...the code examples are useful andreusable. —Scott Ganyo, Lucene Java Committer ...packed with examples and advice on how to effectively use this incredibly powerful tool. —Brian Goetz, Quiotix Corporation unlocked for me the amazing power of Lucene. —Reece Wilton, Walt Disney Internet Group ...code samples as JUnit test cases are incredibly helpful. —Norman Richards, co-author XDoclet in Action A quick and easy guide tomaking Lucene work. —Books-On-Line A comprehensive guide...The authors of this book are experts in this field...they have unleashed the power of Lucene ...the best guide to Lucene available so far. —

Lucene in Action
Second Edition

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