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Trabalho apresentado durante o INTERCORR 2010, em Fortaleza/CE no mês de maio de 2010.
As informações e opiniões contidas neste trabalho são de exclusiva responsabilidade do(s) autor(es).

Estudo do mecanismo de eletrodeposição do cobre a partir do HEDP por meio da técnica eletroquímica de medição do potencial de circuito aberto
Cristiane Vargas Pecequilo1, Zehbour Panossian 2

The electrodeposition is a process widely used in industry for metal coating that, in general, are very adherent. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which a good adherence is not obtained. Such a problem occurs when copper is deposited on zinc die castings, from acid baths. The lack of adherence is attributed to the deposition of copper by galvanic deposition.
Historically, the cyanide copper strike baths have been used successfully, but in the last few years, industries have shown interest in replacing these baths. A broad bibliographic review showed that the published papers, referring to the new nontoxic copper strike baths, are patents, having little or no emphasis focused on electrodeposition mechanisms. Therefore, it was decided to study the copper electrodeposition mechanism from a strike alkaline bath, without additives, formulated with a nontoxic chelating agent which is the 1-hydroxyethane1,1-diphosphonic acid, known as HEDP. This paper presents the results of the exploratory study for the verification of possible chemical species of HEDP and its copper complexes, in a bath with predetermined concentrations of HEDP and copper ions, including using the electrochemical technique of open circuit potencial. The results provided evidence that, in the
HEDP bath, complexes other than the CuEDP2- mentioned in most of the consulted literature, might exist.

A eletrodeposição é um processo muito utilizado na indústria para a obtenção de revestimentos metálicos que, em geral, são bastante aderentes.


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