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Alex Ferreira de Araujo
Pâmella da Silva Lopes

Dead Poets Society

Carapicuíba, São Paulo
Março - 2011

Trabalho de Língua Inglesa, professora Cintia.
Feito pelos alunos de letras 2º semestre na Faculdade de Carapicuíba

an adaptation of the film:

Dead Poets Society


Story of a teacher of poetry in a preparatory school for young, which predominates in traditional values and conservative. With his talent and wisdom, Mr. Keating inspires his students to pursue their individual passions and make their lives extraordinary.
But a tragedy strikes one of his students, the suicide of the Neil Perry and his colleagues are forced to accuse Mr. Keating as guilty, and as punishment for this tragedy Mr Keating was fired.
Mr Keating went to his old classroom pick up their belongings, when he see that the school principal was teaching his students…

Dead Poets Society

Principal: I Said get out Mr. Keating.

Student Anderson: Oh! Captain, my Captain.

Principal : Sit down Mr. Anderson.

Student Anderson: Oh! Captain, my Captain.

Principal: I told you to sit down, sit down
It´s the last time, I tell you Mr. Anderson!
How dare you?
Do you hear me?

Other student: Oh! Captain, my Captain.

The students rise on school desk, one by one and they say:
Oh! Captain, my Captain

Mr. Keating hears his students and say:
Thank Guys! Thank you!


Film: Dead Poets Society
Estados Unidos, 1989
Direction: Weir, Peter
Screenwriter: Tom Schulman
Starring: Hawke, Ethan; Charles, Josh; Sean Leonard, Robert; Williams, Robin


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