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PT-FW430 Series
LCD Projectors


Long-Lasting Brightness and Excellent Cost Savings

Durable Performance
The Panasonic PT-FW430 Series boasts high performance with minimal maintenance over time. Its highly reliable optical system and dust-resistant structure provide a long operating life. Advanced Panasonic technologies, such as Daylight View Premium, ensure excellent projected images. The PT-FW430 Series models are equipped with many ecology-conscious features, starting with Eco Management functions that reduce wasteful power consumption. These high-quality projectors also support wireless projection from not only PCs but also iPads and other devices for easy use (optional).* 1 Superb installation flexibility, thanks to the 2x zoom lens and horizontal/vertical lens shift, also makes the PT-FW430 Series ideal for both first-time installation and as replacement units.



3,500 lm


Side-by-Side Wireless Function


4,000 lm


Wireless Function


* 1 The optional Wireless Module E T-WM200E is required.

Reliability and Easy Maintenance
6,000-Hour Lamp Replacement Cycle * 2
An original lamp drive system and a more durable new lamp unit help maintain optimal lamp performance for longer-lasting brightness than predecessor models. 3 This * has resulted in a 6,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. formance. The intake and exhaust airflow paths are straight, and the intake airflow path is provided with a new Eco Filter unit to guard the optical components from dust. This dust-resistant design keeps the air inside the projector clean for long periods of time and minimi es brightness degradation. The Eco Filter’s long replacement cycle* 4 of 12,000 hours reduces the hassle of maintenance. And, as an environmental consideration, the filter can be washed with water and reused. 5 *

Dust-Resistant Design and an Eco Filter that Needs No Replacement for 12,000 Hours