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Junnn<<The Deer Tracks>> are Elin and David. They come from Sweden and they play delicate & haunting music. We'll be keeping an eye on them and hope you will do the same!

MATT: Hi Elin and David. It's wonderful to be doing this interview with you. I would like to begin with a connection.... The Northern Lights. We can both witness them from where I am in Canada and from whereyou are in Sweden. Unfortunately, I cannot see them from exactly where I am, I would have to go quite a bit further North, but I have certainly seen them as a child. Can you see the Northern Lights from where you're sitting? Can you remember the first time you saw them?.

ELIN: I think I was about five years old when I first experienced the northern lights. My street, a small dirt road that hadgotten so bumpy after a very rainy autumn was at this time of the year covered in a white slippery duvet of snow and ice. At my house the road had to climb up a small hill, but for us it was the world championship slope for down hill racing. My cousins, my sister and I were the only children within a few miles range. The age difference was quite remarkable from the youngest to the oldest, and weused it to our advantage when we built the longest kick-sled train ever seen. We fitted in the pedals in size order starting with the smallest, took a seat and held the kick-sled in front of us in a tight grip. My oldest cousin ran as fast as he could and with all his strength he pushed the train closer to the edge. Like a wave we dived down the hill, and crashed in a bank of snow further down theroad.
For hours we went up and down that hill with bright red smiling faces. Eventually the cold and the late hour caught up with our enthusiasm and we were ready to surrender by the time our grandmother joined us. She told us to look up in the sky. Colourful ribbons were dancing among the stars and we all watched enchanted in total silence. The roaring wind through my knitted beanie made the samecalming sound as when you put a sea shell tight against your ear. Above us was the Septentrion and Orion's belt and the sky seemed so endless. After an unknown amount of time I couldn't tell if the sky was above or below me. I felt dizzy and I fell down in a pile of snow.

MATT: I know you do not like to reflect too much, but if you could humour me for the next few questions... I just have toask you about your connection with the wilderness. You wrote your wonderful trilogy of music very much secluded in a cabin, shut off from the habits of the world... the need to consume and be constantly connected. --You stripped that all away and it rings through in your music and in your art. Tell me about drawing inspiration from <<nothing>> as it were, to be free from the worldaround you.

DAVID: In the beginning and before the end, there was nothing and after the end of the beginning there was nothing. Not before or after the beginning either and so forth in eternity… "Nothing" is like a blank paper. You've got endless options of opportunities to create. To search your very own core of your (hopefully) vivid soul. So to disconnect yourself from all things that are forcedupon you these days is the only way to find your true inner self. It's a scary ride, but the reward is greater than the fear. Believe me.

MATT: Please correct me if I am wrong but there seems to be an element of mysticism in your music, in particular with the woods and the secrets that are contained within them. Could you talk of your relationship with the woods?

ELIN: A couple of weeks agowhen I visited my parents my cousin and I took a walk through the forest were we played more or less everyday while growing up. We were surprised how small it was. When we were younger the forest seemed enormous and though we knew our way in it, we could always find a tree or a stone that we hadn't seen before. At that time I dreamt of having my own horse and my uncle gave me my first one. I...
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