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Gestus ITIL - Um Processo para Implementação das Práticas ITIL para Gerenciamento de Serviços de TI

Abstract Research have shown that each year increases considerably the number of companies that are investing in the IT Governance, term applied to management practices, control and monitoring of the IT environment and its investments. Today companies are based in methods, techniques and tools available to help them this challenge to the manage TI, so that the spending on IT would become in productivity and improve the quality of services provided by the area. Focusing specifically on IT Service Management, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library – ITIL has been highlighted in organizations that seek to properly manage their IT environment. The ITIL is a library of best practices for management of IT services, which has been used by various public and private enterprises that aim to improve the quality of IT service, placing them in line with the goals of the organization. However there are still many difficulties to adoption of ITIL and in the introduction of their practices in the day-to-day organizations. This paper presents the Gestus ITIL, a process to implementation of the practices of ITIL based on the catalogue of IT services of the organization, and that is structured in phases and activities defined in accordance with the concepts and techniques of literature. The Gestus ITIL was estimated at workshop involving a group of professionals engaged in projects of implementation of ITIL, where the structure of the process was presented and discussed about its applicability in projects of implementation of ITIL.

Keywords: Information Technology (IT), Management Services of IT, ITIL, Implementation Process, Practices of Management for IT service.

Resumo Pesquisas têm mostrado que a cada ano aumenta consideravelmente a quantidade de empresas que estão investindo em Governança de TI, termo aplicado às práticas de


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