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1) What is the most important feature of the Ipod? Why ?
A: I think the most important feature of iPod is that is portable and you do not need to carry CDS anymore. Ease user interface is alsosomething very important. The iPod model has a simple design. The simple appearance of an iPod gives you incredible performance and functionality pleasure. Another things that made iPod a unique productare that you can upload your own music’s, purchase music from ITunes store, you can create your own playlists.

2) Apple continues to operate a closed system. Do you recommend Apple continue thisstrategy, or should it open its system to users of any type of digital music player?
A: I recommend Apple to continue with this closed system. In this situation Apple will still protecting the powerty ofits brand against the competitors. With this system Apple has created a functional closed system for selling and consuming music’s, and with this the consumers think that it is something differentfrom the competitors.

3) Has Apple done a good job of marketing the iPod, or have they relied too heavily on word of mouth and buzz to grow the brand?
A: Yes, Apple has done a good job of marketingthe iPod. They created something that associates to innovation in people minds. They had some partnerships like U2 to enhance their marketing.

4) Apple has extended its distribution network toinclude large retailers such as Circuit City and Best Buy. How important are these outlets to Apple? Should they be concerned with not having full control over the customer retail experience – controlthat they have in the Apple Store?
A: Using this strategy Apple could sell much more iPods than they could sell only in Apple Store. They spread their product in some stores that are famous to havegreat products. The reputation of these stores is something very important. They made some agreements with theses stores to force them to buy a minimum iPods per month. With all theses sales according...
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