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In 1807, the French emperor was the absolute master of Europe. Their armies had placed all the kings and queens of the continent on their knees, with a succession of amazing victories.Although, they had failed to conquer England. Protected by the English Channel, the British had avoided direct confrontation with the army of Napoleon. At the same time, the British Navy had beenestablished as the lord of the seas at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Napoleon responded by enacting the continental blockade, and demanding closure of the European ports to trade British products. Hisorders were immediately obeyed by all countries, with one exception: the small and unprotected Portugal. Pressed by England, his traditional ally, John, the regent prince of portugal, was stillreluctant to obey the french emperor. Therefore, in November 1807, French troops marched toward the border of Portugal, ready to invade the country and overthrow its ruling prince.Trapped between the twomajor economic and military powers of the time, prince John was given two bitter alternatives. The first was to accept the pressure from Napoleon and stick with the continental blockade. Second, acceptthe British offer and embark for Brazil taking with him; the royal family, the nobles, their treasures and the whole apparatus of the state. If the Regent Prince adhered to Napoleon, the British wouldnot only bomb Lisbon, but also kidnap the Portuguese fleet and probably would take their overseas colonies, of which the country depended on for survival. In November 1807, Prince John was placedagainst the wall and forced to take the most important decision of his life. The scamper to Brazil was irresistible.
I. Before 1808
A. Portugal
1. How was Portugal as a country before 1808?B.Brasil
1. How was Brazil as a colony before the change of portuguese court to Rio de Janeiro?

The changes after 1808
A. Portugal
1.Who ruled Portugal after the Prince moved to...
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