Introdução a engenharia

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Hardware and Engineering

04/99 AWB 27-1184 GB
1st published 1994, edition 04/94
2nd published 1995, edition 04/94
3rd published 1997, edition 06/97
4th published 1999, edition 04/99
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Translator: Terence Osborn

Dangerous electrical voltage!
Before commencing the installation

Disconnect the power supply of the device. Ensure that the device cannot be accidentally restarted.
Verify isolation from the supply.
Earth and short circuit.

Cover or enclose neighbouring units that are live.

Follow the engineering instructions
(AWA) of the device concerned.

Only suitably qualified personnel may work on this device/system.

Before installation and before touching the device ensure that you are free of electrostatic charge.
Connecting cables and signal lines should be installed so that inductive or capacitive interference do not impair the automation functions.
Install automation devices and related operating elements in such a way that they are well protected against unintentional operation.
Suitable safety hardware and software measures should be implemented for the I/O interface so that a line or wire breakage on the signal side does not result in undefined states in the automation devices.

IBM is a registered trademark of International
Business Machines Corporation.
All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the owner concerned.

Ensure a reliable electrical isolation of the low voltage for the 24 volt supply.
Only use power supply units complying with IEC 60 364-4-41 or HD 384.4.41 S2.
Deviations of the mains voltage from the rated value must not exceed the tolerance limits given in the specifications, otherwise this may cause malfunction and dangerous operation.


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