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July 4th, 2012

International Marketing/Trade. Assignment 5

The chosen country of origin is Canada, which we would be exporting its French Vanilla powder to mix with milk orwater and is very popular, especially in cold regions. The product is a great success around the country and it would be exported to the Brazilian cold cities located in the South, which represents60% of the national consumption of coffee and where they have a strong culture on hot drinks and, particularly, coffee, tea and milky drinks. The French Vanilla powder has a different taste and wouldcreate an option to the customers instead of the existing culture of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and cappuccino.
Our growth strategy according to the ANSOFF Matrix will be the Product Development,since our product will be new to an existing hot beverage market. Our potential competitors are the Coffee companies (which expand their brand with different products, as Cappuccinos and Hot Chocolates),such as 3 Corações, Nescafe, and Melitta.
The target consumers would be people who enjoy hot and easy preparation drinks, with a more sophisticated habit of drinking, but at the comfort of theirhouses. Target customers are people with the ages from 30 to 50 years old.
The mode of entry would be by Licensing, with the Brazilian coffee company Pilão, which only sells coffee beans and has astrong market-share in the coffee industry. So with the powder to prepare the French Vanilla with a hint of coffee and the strength of the brand, the product would be easily developed.

The FrenchVanilla’s 4 P’s are:

* Product - French Vanilla Powder: It would be sold in small sachets for single consumption (50 grams) and big packs, such as coffee cans (200g). It would be named as “Baunilha...
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