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International Pen Friends
Dear Friend
Have you ever considered that the greatest friend you may ever have is someone you have never met - living in a land you have never seen or may never see?Well, we can provide you with new friends or pen pals, in your age, group, worldwide. We have over 300,000 member in more than 192 countries.
Internacional Pen Friends (IPF) was founded in Ireland in 1967 by Neil O'Donnell. 1.5 million IPF applications have been processed. Our IPF President is Julie Delbridge in Australia.
Internacional Pen Friends membership is open to everyone from 8years of age. You can write to your pen friends in English, French, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. IPF members include people such as architects, artist, business people, clerks, clergy, computer programmers, cooks, dancers, doctors, engineers, firefighters, homemakers, military, photographers, police, secretaries, students, teachers, technicians, waiters, writers, and more.
Though IPF penpals are FREE, we require a Processing Fee to provide you with your pen friends. This helps to cover our computer service, postage, printing, pay our employees, and any phone/fax calls. Membership is for one year. After this period, you may renew by submiting another application for additional pen friends.
IPF provides you with 10-14 pen friends (based on your age group). They will be mailed to you from IPF in Australia. Allow 6-16 weeks for processing and mailing time, so sign up today.
In addition, your name will be distributed to 10-14 other IPF members. The pen friends you will receive will be in your age group. You will be matched in your areas of interest, language(s) and countries select - based on availability. You may receive pen friends in countries you did not select... which will be a pleasant surprise. You can learn from any pen friend, regardless of country. Become a global citizen with increased writing skills through IPF.
IPF has many friends for you and we hope that you


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