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Anotacoes das conversas em aula.

Aula 02

I was out of town

He called me earlier to say his comming

What have you done so fat today?

Torna-se / converte-se ----- get(usual) become (formal)

Is it on the coast or is it inland?

My family is involved in politics there some members of my family are politicians there.c

He is the mayor of Canapi


In a certain way

We can skip

What does _______mean? (o que isso siginifica)

Aposto S


Contraction of is
Singular and possessive

Baised discussion, opinion etc.(conversa so de um lado)

Aula 03

Car insurance
I wacthed a soccer game on tv. After that, I drank a bottle of wine.

I just worked and went to the gym.

I did those things, too.

Incertain way, i studied english

I've been emergencies four times

You can get hurt by tool.

Being crushed by a cow

When i create a diet for someone and he doesnt follow it. (nutricionist)"E isso é tudo" não se usa just, não se usa only, usa-se thats it, thats all

Exercise on class

What's andrea's job? Tour guide

Is it interesting? It is, is a freat job.

Is the man astudent? Yes,he is.

Where does he work? He works at fast food

Aula 04.


Iwent to the beach after that, i went to my friends birthaday party, on saturday i did nothing, onsunday i went to the movies.

He becomes funny, he sreams a lot

She drinks too much and prats to the porcelain god

Get that water for me, please.

Could you pass the water for me


6 - wrinting a biography

My classmate is a business man, he is a lawer and has his own business. He loves red wines and drinks from wensday until sunday. He is a hard worker and a greatperson. We have over ten years of friendship.

Aula 05

He wants to

I went to wok

It pays move

I have two jobs

You majored in nutricionist
Its depend on...


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