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Usamos as estruturas condicionais para falar sobre as conseqüências de determinados atos. Veja as correspondências entre Inglês e Português.
IF you arrive earlier, you will get a good seat.
Se vocêchegar cedo, conseguirá um bom lugar.

IF Susie knew his reasons, she would not GO with him.
Se Susie soubesse suas razões, ela não iria com ele.

If Jeremy had studied, he would havepassed.
Se Jeremy tivesse estudado, ele teria passado.
1) Dr. Brainfriend knows better

Dear Dr. Brainfriend, my name is Lucy and I need some help. My problems are:
1- I am toofat;
2- My neighbors don´t like my new dog;
3- My grandmother is coming from Russia and she doesn´t speak English. What can I do?

(a) If I were you, I wouldn´t eat less.
(b) If I wereyou, I would go on a diet.
(c) I wouldn´t care about the neighbors if I were you.
(d) I would talk to the neighbors if I were you.
(e) If I were you, I would learn German immediately.(f) If I were you, I would contact an interpreter.

2) Ordain the words to make sentences.
Travel you to California, If Melissa happywill be
To go, Mary if wants we togethercan travel

better be Things will money you ifenough take
will sunnier We have days summer goif we in the

3) Connect
A. If we buy a new tent before spring, ...
B. If...
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