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Lesson 8
Teacher`s questions
1) Is there a can of Coke on your table?
2) Are there a lot of English teachers in your classroom?
3) Are you studying English or French now?
4) What are youdoing at the moment?
5) Are you playing a game now?
6) What`s your favorite game?
Teacher`s answers.
1) Yes, l am.
2) No, she`s making an apple pie.
3) They are playing a game now.4) No, we aren`t.
5) Yep, l am winning 45 to 30.
6) He is studying in his bedroom at the moment.
7) Sorry, there no milk left in the refrigerator.
8) No, there`s only one can of Coke in thepantry.
Lesson 9.
Teacher`s questions.
1) Do you have any brothers and sisters? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
2) Are you an only child?
3) How many people are there in yourfamily?
4) What time do you have?
5) Do you have time for a Coke now?
6) How much time do you have before you finish this exercise?
Teacher`s anwers.
1) Yes, l do.
2) No, l don`t.
3) Ihave two.
4) No, l don`t have any. I`m an only child.
5) Well, it`s 10:25 p.m. now.
6) I have about thirty minutes before l finish this exercise.
7) Sorry, l don`t have time for a Coke.8) The flight to Miami is at 4:30.

Lesson 10.
Teacher`s questions.
1) Do you have a new backpack?
2) What school supplies do you have with you now?
3) Do you have a lot of cell phones orjust one?
4) How much is a can of Coke?
5) How much is a hamburger at McDonald`s?
6) What are some American bills?
7) Do you have fifty bucks? How much money do you have here?
1) It`s $88.45.
2) Yes, we do.
3) No, we only have one.
4) No, but l have two fives.
5) That lavender backpack is fifteen percent off.
6) He`s a cashier at that store.
7)No, they don`t.
8) There`s just one.
Lesson 11
Teacher`s questions.
1) I have a pen. And you?
2) Do you have a binder?
3) Do you have a car?
4) Does your friend have a bike?
5) Does...
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