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Justin has just the picture

Having an aptitude for something usuallymakes a person excel at it.

1 E
His assignment for his exam, a slide and commentary presentation was so well received by his tutors that they entered him in a competition organized by a localnewspaper ... and Justin was the unanimous winner.

2 B
Justin Grainge Photography is based at Weldon House. The modern, fully equipped studios are on the top floor, where Justin and his team producework for a large number of companies, ranging from small firms to huge conglomerates.

3 F
All this further encouraged Justin who says: “Over the years, people used to ask me if I did portraitsand I used to say no. That was because I had regarded myself as a commercial photographer, shooting conferences, presentations and buildings, and doing product shots in a studio.”

4 A
“So wedecided to branch out and reorganize the studio to enable me to launch myself as a portrait photographer.”

5 G
This new side of Justin’s talent is, however, restricted to evenings and weekends,mainly because he is in such great demand for his commercial work. However, subject to commitments, he can fit in weekday sittings if necessary, so long as the client agrees to the possibility ofcancellations if commercial work intervenes.

6 D
His 10 year’s experience in commercial work has given him the patience and talent to put sitters at ease when it comes to portraits ... and especiallywith children.

7 H
Commercial and portrait photography are both specialist professions, which have been mastered by Justin, who has come a long way since his early schooldays and his first littlecamera.

A. “It was my mother who eventually pointed out the numerous boardroom pictures I had taken, which, after all, were portraits.”
B. This encouraged him to continue to learn and...
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