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Atividade 1 – Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present or the Present Continuous.
1. Dennis ______(drink, usually) coffee with his breakfast, but this morning he _____ (drink)tea instead.
2. Mike ______ (take) three classes this semester. Every morning he _____ (study) for two hours before he goes to school. He ____ (have) French class at 9 o’clock. He____ (also, take) chemistry and accounting. He ____ (like) chemistry best of all, but he _____ (have) better grades in accounting and French.
3. This morning it ____ (rain). Ican see Janet from my window. She is ____ (stand) in the corner of 5th Avenue and Pine. She ____ (hold) her umbrella over her head. She ____ (wait) for the bus.
4. I _____ (think)about the verbs in this grammar practice right now. I ____(think) all of my answers are correct, but I am not sure!
Atividade 2 – Fill in the blanks with the SIMPLE PAST or thePAST CONTINUOUS
1. Last Saturday while Sandy _____ (clean) out the attic, she _____ (find) her grandmother’s letters.
2. Two days ago, Peter _____ (buy) a new car. Yesterday, whilehe _____(work), he _____ (lose) control of the car and _____ (hit) another car. He ____(be- neg) hurt, but the accident completely ______ (destroy) his new car.
3. When I _____(go) to the airport, Lisa _____(wait) for me in the baggage claim area. As soon as she _____(see) me, she ____(wave) her hands and ____(say) something I _____ (can-neg) hear becausethe people around me ______(make) so much noise.
Atividade 3 – Look at the picture and describe the room using the structure THERE IS/ THERE ARE (in the affirmative or negative )+ parts of a house. Write at least six (6) sentences.
Ex: There is a bed in the bedroom.
Pay attention and keep focused!!
Enjoy your studies!!
Profª Ms Sarah Barbieri Vieira
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