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A. Directions: Fill in the blanks with the Simple Past or the Present Perfect of the verbs in parentheses.
1. I ____(know) Tim when he was a child, but I ____ (see) him for many years. I ____(know)Larry, my best friend, for more than 20 years.
2. The company and the union finally ____(agree) on salary raises two days ago. Since then, they ____ (agree) on everything, and the rest of thenegotiations have gone smoothly.
3. Our university ____ (send) 120 students to study in other countries last year. In the total, we ____ (send) 850 students abroad over the last five years.
4. John____(miss) his Math exam this evening because he ____(oversleep). He ____ (oversleep) a lot since the beginning of the semester. He’d better buy a new alarm clock.
5. Claire is a law student. Ever since she____(enroll) in law school, she ____(miss) a class due to illness.
B. Directions: what’s the meaning of the verb forms? Answer the questions about the pair of sentences:
1. a. Ann was leaving theroom when I walked in.
b. Sam had left the room when I walked in.
Question: Who did I run into when I walked into the room?
2. a. When the rain stopped, Tom rode his bicycle to work.
b.When the rain stopped, June was riding her bicycle to work.
Question: Who got wet on the way to work?
3. a. Mary went to the supermarket because she had run out of food.
b. Sarah went to thesupermarket because she was running out of food.
Question: Who is better at planning ahead?
4. a. Alice was walking to the door when the doorbell rang.
b. George walked to the door whenthe doorbell rang.
Question: Who had been expecting the doorbell to ring?
Answer: C. Directions: Write sentences in the Future Perfect/ Future Perfect Continuous using the information provided.
1.a. I will arrive home at 11:30 pm tonight.
b. My children will go to bed at 10 pm.
2. a. Peter will be watching the news from 7:00 to 7:30 am.
b. Jane, his wife, will get up at 7:20 am....
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