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They wanted to go to Australia
I didn’t want to say say anything
Where did you want to go?
1) Did they want to go toAustralia?
2) Was it a long long journey?
3) Were they book their tickets at a travel agent’s?
4) Was the ticket expensive?
5) Did they check in atHeathrow airport?
6) Did They change planes three times?
7) Was the second plane big?
8) Was Emma worried?
9) Was the plane land in Australia?
10)Did they stay in Nova Scotia for a long time?

Did you travel by plane last year?
Yes , I did
Where to? I was to London
Did you startlearning English?
No, I didn´t.
When? I started learning English a long time ago
Did you play football last weekend?
Yes, I did.
Who with? Iplayed football with my cousins last week
Did you study last night?
Yes, I did
What? I studie the class of yesterday
Did you cook a meal yesterday?No I didn’t.
What? I ate on the restaurant
Did you arrive late class yesterday?
No, I didn’t.
What? I arrived on first at the class
Did youlisten to the radio this morning?
Yes , I did.
What the programme? I listed the Caderneta de cromos on Radio Comercial
Did you invite a friendto dinner last week?
Yes, I did.
Who? I invited my maid for dinner
Did you finish work late last night?
No I didn’t.
Why? Because I was sotired and I went home early
Did you watch tv last night?
Yes, I did.
What Programme? I watched the programme “ Who want to be millionaire? “
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