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English Worksheet

A- Choose the right option.

1-___________ I have already studied a lot, I’m still going to revise a few topics.|a) Until |b) Although |c) Because |d) Since |

2-Many careers require a college diploma;____________, in other situations, previous experience is the main requirement.

|a) nonetheless |b) therefore |c) accordingly |d) however|

3-My goal is to become a German teacher, _____________, I work particularly hard to improve my German.

|a) therefore |b) nevertheless|c) but |d) however |

4-I won’t be able to have better results in the exam _________ I have practised a lot more.

|a) until|b) so |c) and |d) but |

5- ___________ English is her main focus, she’s also great at French.

|a)unless |b) because |c) since |d) while |

B-Match column I to column II.

|I|II |
|a) because, as, since, consequently, for, as a result…|1-to say or write further. |
|b) after, before, since, finally, meanwhile… |2-to express contrast between ideas.|
|c) In addition, furthermore, moreover, and, besides… |3-to express time. |
|d) although, but, in spite of,...
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