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4 modulo gestão.

1 Complete the text with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

Last week I was (be) very busy. On Mondaymorning our biggest customer visited (visit) our factory.
I met (meet) her at the airport at 7.00 in the morning and took (take) her to the plant. In the afternoon we had (have)a meeting which didn’t finish (not finish) late, and she wanted (want) to see a show afterwards.
On Tuesday I flew (fly) to Berlin for a conference. In the afternoon I made(make) a presentation which didn’t go (not go) very well. The next day I went (go) to Stuttgart to meet a supplier. On Thursday we interviewed (interview) candidates forthe new sales jobs, but we didn’t find (not find) anybody suitable. In the evening I played (play) squash in the company tournament, but, unfortunately, I didn’t win (notwin). On Friday I replied (reply) to all my emails and wrote (write) a proposal for an Austrian company. In the afternoon I attended (attend a planning meeting which ended(end) very late in the evening.
I didn’t get (not get) home until midnight!
2 Complete the questions.

1 What time did they arrive_______ _?
They arrived at 9 o’clock

2Where didn’t you have lunch_______?
We had lunch in the staff canteen.

3 Who did you see at the conference?
I saw our colleagues from Buenos Aires office.

4 why did themanager leave the meeting?
The manager left the meeting because he had an urgent phone call.

5 Which hotel did they stay at?
They stayed at the Hilton.

6 When did she join thecompany?
She joined the company last year.

7 How long did you spend with the visitors?
I spent all day them.

8 How many emails did you send__?
We sent about a hundred.
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