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1. Fill in the blanks with the correct possessives.
a. Jane and Bill live with ______ parents.
b. That’s a very good computer game, but I can’t remember ______ name.
c. Marisa Monte has a great talent and ______ voice is excellent.
d. Marisa Monte has a beautiful voice, but I prefer your voice to ______.
e. Jennifer and has a new boyfriend. Ben is _____ name.
f. You have a new computer.______ computer is new.
g. Those are my clothes. Those clothes are ______.
h. They have their problems, we have _____.
i. That’s Jane’s car. That car is _____.
j. My brother’s pet is a dog. _____ name is Buddy.
k. We love our country, their love ______.
l. We live on a small planet. Earth is ______ small planet.

2. Observe as expressões em destaque:
J.K. Rowling is a 38-year-old writer fromEngland.
… Harry, an 11-year-old orphan…
Traduza as duas frases dadas acima.

a. The “Six-Million-Dollar Man” is an old TV series.

b. “Between Two Poles” is a book by Amyr Klink about his twenty-two-month voyage from Brazil to the South Pole, North Pole and back to Brazil.

3. Fill in the blanks with every, everyone/everybody, everything, everywhere.
a.______________ book of hers is a world success.
b. You can find her books _______________.
c. ______________ knows Harry is a wizard.
d. Harry’s fans know ______________ about him.
4. Fill in the blanks with the correct reflexive pronoun.
a. Sharona is a very vain girl. She looks at ____________ in the mirror all the time.
c. Do you see ____________ in Harry Potter when you read those books?
d.The kids enjoy ____________ when they see those movies.
e. My uncle loves talking. When there’s no one around, he talks to _________.
f. I am teaching ___________ to ride the waves. Look out!
5. Volte ao texto e encontre as formas de SimplePast dos verbos que correspondem a:
admirar _________ escrever __________ ser _________
amar _________ opor-se __________ ter _________
começar ________querer ___________ usar ________
6. Write the Simple Past of these regular verbs.
a. Stay (ficar) _________________
b. Plan (planejar) ______________
c. Arrive (chegar) ______________
d. Shop (fazercompras) _________
e. Clean (limpar) _______________
f. Hurry (apressar-se) ___________
g. Rob (roubar) ________________
h. Try (tentar) _________________
i. Refer(referir-se) _____________
j. Change (mudra) _____________
7. Write the Simple Past of these irregular verbs. Choose from the box.
made – said – saw – knew – brought – came – bought – left – went – did
a. See (ver) ____________
b. Leave (deixar)_________
c. Bring (trazer) __________
d. Know (saber; conhecer) __________
e. Go (ir) __________
f. Make (fazer) __________
g. Say (dizer)____________
h. Come (vir) ____________
i. Buy (comprar) __________
j. Do (fazer) ____________
8. Encontre no texo os adjetivos ou substantivos com função de adjetivo que completam as locuções abaixo:
a. _______ chaos (caos total)
b. _______ boxes (caixas de comida)
c. _______ door (porta da frente)
d. _______ food (comida de cachorro)
e. a _______ glass (um copo quebrado)
f. _______ mess(bagunça total)
g. _______ yard (quintal da frente)
h. _______ dishes (louça suja, pratos sujos)
i. _______ expression (expressãoboba)
j. _______ day (bomdia)
9. Fill in the blanks with the Simple Past of the verbs in the boxes, according to A Day to Remember. Then write down the number that corresponds to each verb in Portuguese.
Regular Verbs:smile – ask – happen – remain – look – answer
a. Thesmile ________ on her face… ( ) sorriu
b. He ______ around… ( ) respondeu
c. What ________ here today? ( ) perguntou
d. … he _______, still confused. ( ) permaneceu
e. She _______. ( ) aconteceu
f. She again _______... ( ) olhou
Irregular Verbs: run up –do – feel – say – get into – find – begin – think – come
a. … she _______. “Well, …” ( ) pensou
b. He _________ the...
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