Inglês - tecnologia e futuro

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* The future fascinates us. Many TV series and films show fantastic and incredible technology that make life wonderful.
* But, we have to know the pass to understand the future.
* WhenApollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969 it seemed like a new era was about to begin.
* Here’s an amazing fact: there is more computing power in smartphones than was in the space rocket that took men tothe moon: their computing power had only 2 kilobytes of memory, which isn’t very much at all. Therefore, a little mobile phone is an amazing piece of science and technology all rolled into one.
* Atthe time of the moon walk, technology had a great development. Therefore, 40 years ago we didn’t have CD’s, DVD’s, computers, vacuum cleaners, internet, digital cameras, mobile phones, and many otherthings that are ordinary today.
* Since then, lots of scientists have been busy inventing all sorts of things.
* It is estimated that 50 years from now the only thing we have to do when weenter in a car is say the place which we want to go and the average speed of travel, if you want, because everything else is automatic. When we get home we will have a robot to do all that we give theorder, such as cleaning house or cooking. Our clothes have microchips that automatically send a signal to a hospital if something goes wrong with us, and hospital sends an ambulance flying to therescue. The medicine will have an incredible evolution, and perhaps we can say that the only cause of death is the old age. The planes will be authentic robots that have such a kind of road scheduledairline. The refrigerators have built-in sensors that automatically make purchases when they detect a lack of essential foodstuffs such as milk. There will be incredible security systems that recognize theuser through advanced technology. These are just some examples of changes that will bring the world of tomorrow. The machine will replace the man with the aim of making life easier.
* Despite...
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