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Foreign Language– English-initiation

In this nucleus generator (Foreign Language - initiation) talk topics: Numbering, hours, Plural, Calculations, rooms and furniture in the house, the Present simple and its exceptions, the verb to be and the negative of verbs.
Zero Ten Twenty Thirty Forty One eleven Twentyone Thirtyone Fortyone Fiftyone Sixtyone Two Twelve Twenttwo Thirtytwo Fortytwo Fiftytwo Sixtytwo Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine

Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen

Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen nineteen

Twenty- Twenty- Twenty- Twenty- Twenty- Twenty- Twentythree four five six seven eight nine Thirtythree Fortythree Fiftythree Sixtythree Thirtyfour Fortyfour Fiftyfour Sixtyfour Thirtyfive Fortyfive Fiftyfive Sixtyfive Thirtysix Fortysix Thirtyseven Fortyseven Fiftyseven Sixtyseven Thirtyeight Fortyeight Fiftyeight Sixtyeight Thirtynine Fortynine Fiftynine Sixtynine

Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety


Seventy- Seventy- Seventy- Seventy- Seventy- Seventy- Seventy- Seventy- Seventyone two three four five six seven eight nine Eightyone Ninetyone Eightytwo Ninetytwo Eightythree NinetyThree

Eightyfour Ninetyfour

Eightyfive Ninetyfive

Eightysix Ninetysix

Eightyseven Ninetyseven



Ninety- Ninetyeight nine
Onehundredeight Onehundrednine

OneOneOnehundred hundred-one hundre-two

One O’Clock

Ten to two

Five past five

Twenty-two past eight

Ten past ten

Five past eleven

Half past One

Quarter past ten

Quarter to Eleven

Rules of plural nouns
1- General rule: Single + s 2- After s, x, ss, ch, sh, + es 3- Y after a consonant changes to –ies 4- Y after vowel changes to –S 5- Most names ending in -f or -fe change to ves 6- Names ending in o : + es 7- Irregular plural forms
General Rule  S Chair bag house shop hat Chairs bags Shouses shops hats S,SS,SH,CH,X,O  ES potato beach Box class


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