Influencia norte americana

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To sag
1 to hang or bend down in the middle, especially because of weight or pressure: a sagging roof * The tent began to sag under the weight of the rain. * Your skin starts to sag as you get older.
2 to become weaker or fewer: Their share of the vote sagged badly at the last election.

* This makes your skin sag and you look older than you actually are

To smooth
1~ sth(back / down / out) to make sth smooth: [vn] He smoothed his hair back. * She was smoothing out the creases in her skirt. * [vn-adj] He took the letter and smoothed it flat on the table.
2~ sth on / into / over sth to put a layer of a soft substance over a surface: Smooth the icing over the top of the cake.

To tighten
1 to become or make sth become tight or tighter:[v] The rope holding the boatsuddenly tightened and broke. * His mouth tightened into a thin line. * [vn] to tighten a lid / screw / rope / knot* The nuts weren’t properly tightened and the wheel came off.* She tightened her grip on his arm.
2 [vn] to make sth become stricter: to tighten security

• We need to tighten the grip we have on the market
• The government will have to tighten the purse strings (= spend less)To vaporize
[vn] (technical) to turn into gas; to make sth turn into gas
My Chemistry teacher showed me how the process of the water vaporization happens.


1 the natural colour and condition of the skin on a person’s face: a pale / bad complexion
2 [usually sing.] the general character of sth: a move which changed the political complexion of the country
* Theresult of this product is a new, smooth and youthful
* I am paying for this treatment because I want a complexion firmer and more radiant appearance.

1 fair (to / on sb) acceptable and appropriate in a particular situation:a fair deal / wage / price / question * The punishment was very fair. * Was it really fair to him to ask him to do all the work?* It’s not fair on the students to keep changing the timetable. * It’s only fair to add that they were not told about the problem until the last minute. * It seems only fair that they should give us something in return. * I think it is fair to say that they are pleased with this latest offer. * To be fair, she behaved better than we expected. * (especially BrE) ‘You should really have asked mefirst.’ ‘Right, okay, fair comment.

2 fair (to sb) treating everyone equally and according to the rules or law: She has always been scrupulously fair. * demands for a fairer distribution of wealth * We have to be fair to both players. * to receive a fair trial * free and fair elections * It’s not fair! He always gets more than me. * The new tax is fairer than the oldsystem. OPP  unfair

3 [only before noun] quite large in number, size or amount: A fair number of people came along. * a fair-sized town * We’ve still got a fair bit (= quite a lot) to do.

4 (especially BrE) quite good: There’s a fair chance that we might win this time. * It’s a fair bet that they won’t turn up. * I have a fair idea of what happened. * His knowledge ofFrench is only fair.

5 pale in colour: a fair complexion * She has long fair hair.* All her children are fair (= they all have fair hair).
 OPP  dark

6 bright and not raining SYN  fine: a fair and breezy day
7 (literary) (of winds) not too strong and blowing in the right direction: They set sail with the first fair wind.

8 (literary or old use) beautiful:a fair maiden

[usually pl.] a small, pale brown spot on a person’s skin, especially on their face, caused by the sun

the process of becoming or making sb/sth healthy again; the process of getting better after an emotional shock: the healing process * emotional healing

1 a quantity or thickness of sth that lies over a surface or between surfaces: A thin layer...
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