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Jean Ricardo Alves Ribeiro
Direción Comercial I
27 de setembro de 2011

Ikea seems to have a clear idea of product: delivery a solution to the client with the minimal cost.All the system work with this objective in mind.The company don’t get lost. Always keep the focus on its objectives and that were the success came from.
The solution they are delivering are decoration.Decoration that will not be intact for long and long years.How ever that isn’t a necessity for the client.What the client want is to solve they problem with decoration now.They don't care to much if the decoration will be ok in 10 years.Good products but not for all life that they are getting and getting and getting.I mean, the model are selling great and they haven't change it at all.That is benefit,the clients are ok with the benefits of the product.
The minimal cost is a key point.Every thing is done with this goal and they are archiving it gratefully.They don't deliver, they don't mount and that reduce costs.And if it’s keep selling it means that deliver and amount decoration are not a great necessity of the client.Now that they are big they can play with the reducing cost by buying lots and lots of amount of raw material.That is cost,the clients are happy with the cost of the decoration they are paying for.
All of that solve a simple equation of the success of IKEA: the balance between cost and benefit. and that is called value.The product IKEA has a lot of value to the clients.They fond in the market of decoration the the perfect point in the balance that is were all the success came from all the oder things are just supporting this great trick that they are archiving. Lots of value to the client.


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