House on mount desert island

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House on Mount Desert Island
Peter Forbes Architect


Inert Properties of Steel Help Create Allergy-Free Environment
When Architect Peter Forbes was given the commission to build a house on a wooded, five-acre lot on Maine’s Mount Desert Island, he was charged with making it conform to three particular concerns of theowner.
First, he was asked to fully integrate the home with its beautiful natural surroundings and view of the distant mountains of Acadia National Park.
Second, he was to take full advantage of the passage of time, both daily and seasonally, to create an environment with constantly-changing light patterns and moods.
Finally, he needed to choose materials that would resist mold, dust and otherallergenic materials, as the owner was acutely allergic to a large number of natural and man-made substances and can not be exposed to them for prolonged periods.

HSS Creates Grid of Eight-Foot Cubes
Forbes elected to use steel Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) to create an open framework of 8-inch square HSS—open to eliminate mold or accumulated dust, and steel because of its inert,non-allergenic qualities.
The interior of the house is divided into a grid of 8-foot cubes by the horizontal and vertical HSS beams. A main staircase is angled obliquely through the grid to the second-level platform, from which a spiral staircase continues to the third-level platform. An elevator also connects the three levels.

Within this white-painted HSS framework, Forbes suspended the floors androoms to create platforms floating in space. There are no interior walls so that air can be freely circulated and exchanged, a requirement dictated by the owner’s allergies. The only vertical partitions—made of cedar and finished with a water-based stain—serve to separate the bathrooms and closets from the living area.
Despite the absence of partitions, the strong geometry of the HSS grid givesdefinition to the various living areas of the house. The exterior walls are formed entirely of glass and aluminum, affording a spectacular view of the forest environment that surrounds the structure.

HSS Framework Creates Changing Shadow Patterns
During daylight hours, the open interior is suffused with light to create a constantly-changing environment during the course of the day and fromone season to the next. The HSS framework contributes to this environment, casting its pattern and, in turn, reflecting the lattice of shadows cast by the window wall.
From the outdoors, the open, transparent structure dissolves into the landscape. As important as the house’s transparency is the relationship in scale between its elements and the trees, rocks and land forms which comprise thenatural environment in which it has been placed.

Working on the project with Peter Forbes & Associates were Zaldastani Associates, Structural Consultant, and Panitsas Associates, Inc., Mechanical Consultant. John Ruger Associates served as the General Contractor.


Casa em Mount Desert Island
Peter Architect Forbes


Propriedades inerte de Ajuda Aço Criar anti-alérgico Ambiente
Arquiteto quando Peter Forbes foi dada a missão de construir uma casa em um arborizado, lote de cinco hectares no Monte do Maine Desert Island, ele foi acusado de fazer-lo conforme a três preocupações particulares do proprietário.
Primeiro, ele foi convidado a integrar plenamente a casa com sua bela paisagemnatural e vista para as montanhas distantes do Acadia National Park.
Segundo, ele foi para aproveitar ao máximo a passagem do tempo, tanto diária e sazonal, para criar um ambiente com constante mudança de padrões de luz e humor.
Finalmente, ele precisava escolher materiais que resistir a poeira, mofo e outros materiais alergênicos, como o proprietário foi intensamente alérgica a um grande...
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