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Hotel Reservations Avenues

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Telephone Reservation: (Desirée & Dionéia)

Receptionist: Good Morning!Thank you for calling Clarion hotel, This is Emily, How may I help you?

Megan: Good morning! I’d like to make a reservation please…

Receptionist: For what date Ma’am?

Megan: Friday, 17th ofSeptember

Receptionist: Yes, Ma’am This is Friday Available. For how many nights are you going to stay?

Megan: For three nights.

Receptionist: For how many person Ma’am?

Megan: Fortwo.

Receptionist: What type of room do you prefer to stay in?

Guest: Junior Suite.

Receptionist: Ok, What time would you like to check –in Ma’am?

Megan: We will arrive at 9am.Receptionist: Your name please…

Megan: Megan Smith

Receptionist: Ma’am let me repeat Megan Smith… Morning; Echo; Garden; Nice; Sun; Morning; Idea; Tech and Ham?

Erlinda: Yes.

Receptionist:May I have your contact number Ma’am?

Megan: Yah Sure 0932159571

Receptionist: Thank you. Ma’am, How will the Bill Be Settled?

Megan: I will pay it in cash.

Receptionist: OkMa’am, Let me repeat… A reservation for Junior Suite Room for two on Friday, 17th of September, your stay will be for 3 nights. Would be that all?

Megan: Yes, Thank you!

Receptionist: My pleasureMa’am, thank you for Calling Clarion Hotel.

Check-in with Reservation (Day S., Dayzinha e Cynthia)

Bellboy( Kevin): Good afternoon Ma’am! Welcome to Clarion Hotel!

Justine: Good afternoon!Where’s front the desk?

Bellboy( Kevin): This way Ma’am…

Receptionist 2( Jeneffer): Good afternoon Welcome to Clarion Hotel! I’m Jeneffer What can I do for you?

Justine: Good afternoon! Ihave a reservation last Monday.

Receptionist 2( Jeneffer): Ok! Ma’am, Can I have some form of ID please?

Justine: Here.

Receptionist 2( Jeneffer): Thank you Ma’am Del Castillo let me pull...
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