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Interest in homeschooling is becoming more widespread around the world. In your opinion, should school be compulsory for all children, or should families be allowed the right to choose to educatetheir children at home? Support your opinion with reasons and examples from your own knowledge and experience.

I heartily believe that parents have the right to choose which form of education theyprefer for their children. Having said this, I support the idea of allowing them to decide if homeschooling is the best option. The fact of formal school is the preference of the vast majority of peopledoes not mean that it is suitable for everybody. The following paragraphs will present reasons to justify this point of view.
First, many people disagree with the educational philosophy of theformal schools. Consequently, they will not feel satisfied for sending their children to those. Moreover, in many cases the child has some special talent, for example, arts, and the conventional way ofteaching would not help developing this gift.
It is important to say that, nowadays, with the development of internet, home educators may have plenty of tools to instruct the children. For example,there are many high quality materials available online, which can also help children to study by themselves, without the presence of a tutor. Moreover, there are numerous sites of discussion whereparents have the opportunity of share personal experiences about the education at home.
I am not saying that homeschooling is the best option. There are plenty of good schools (public and private) - wellequipped and with a well qualified staff - that can be very positive to the students. For instance, in my case a formal way of education was really important.
Having said all this, I agree thatparents should be free to decide which option is preferable for educate their children. Knowing that each person has his own way of learning, compulsory schools would be very unpleasant for many.
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