Histórias de terror

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Horror Stories...
There is no reason to create horror stories since humankind has a lot of real horror stories. The first story that we can remember is the Roman Empire and its government method.Preceding Roman Empire, existed the Roman Republic when occurred the period of the major expansion of territories under roman rule. In despite of Roman Republic be based on a government method thatcould be called democracy, due to the fact that decisions were done by a senate, not a king, it could not be considered a fair regime. The Romans allowed slavery, used to apply death penalty bycrucifixion and enjoyed presentations with gladiators dying only for entertainment of the viewers. Spartacus and his rebel group experienced this three disgusting situations. The Roman economy accounted forslavery workers, but some of them were used like gladiators, the stupid deaths pleasure thousands of people that watched that ridiculous theater. Spartacus, due to his strength, was a slave promoted togladiator who leaded 100 thousand of slaves against the Roman state. The rebels were defeated only after many actions from Roma. All the 6000 remaining alive were after crucified in a line from Apia toRoma. Continuing our horror stories, it is interesting remember the Inquisition in Middle Age. Catholic church concluded that burning people who committed heresies would liberate them from hell. Aterrible case was Galileo Galilei declared that Earth spins around the Sun and not the opposite. He only was not burned because he confessed that it was a lie, so Galileo was imprisoned for the rest ofhis life. The victims of the Inquisition were people with different religions, not straight sexual behavior or anyone who tried to propagate different ideas. Another real horror story that inspiredlegends was Vlad III, prince of Wallachia, also known as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was a great enthusiast of impalement. For who is not familiarized with this kill method, it is important a description....
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