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The need for creating a safe mode of using, cooking and maintaining the quality of food has been an issue since 1957, the first sign of concern was introduced by NASA. Although it began in the United States of America it is now recognized and used world wide. After several changes of the original document it has now become a single acronym, HACCP meaning Hazard Analysis CriticalControl Point, restaurants, supermarkets, factories all have to follow these instructions towards better safety and protection of the human being health.

“HACCP stands for 'Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point'. It is an internationally recognised and recommended system of food safety management. It focuses on identifying the 'critical points' in a process where food safety problems (or'hazards') could arise and putting steps in place to prevent things going wrong. This is sometimes referred to as 'controlling hazards'. Keeping records is also an important part of HACCP systems” (in FSA)

It’s because of Brussels concern about the public health that this legislation has been applied into the European Union (EU) to transform it more consistent and focused in a community way whereeveryone is looking for the same issue.

This report intends to show how the HACCP has been implemented in a Portuguese company, which previously did not care about it, how it was implemented, problems encountered with staff, problems that appeared into the store once it was already open having me as an observer.(what should I say or should I say nothing?)

The Jeronimo Martins Group(JMG) is one ofthe biggest company in Portugal if not the second largest. It is dedicated to food industry in both aspects: suppliers and buyers. It has warehouses that supply for big commercial markets, restaurants, cafes etc. it has everything in the food industry. Then it has their own chain of supermarkets and coffee shops and restaurants. Such business has to obey to HACCP law as it is integrated in EU andbeing in Portugal it is prohibited to fail to these regulations as our food health and safety patrol “ASAE” will respond with actions for that.

JM is an innovative company that proposed in the year of 2003 the launch of a new coffee shop style that hasn’t been seen in Portugal. Similar to Starbucks but with healthier options and meals served, tha café served is specially made for JM as thisbrand you can only purchase in the JM coffee shop

The aim of this report is to cover and analyse the implementation, the obstacles, the reaction from staff and to enhance the need of the HACCP.

The FSA (Food Standards Agency)

Handling with food is a very important issue when it concerns to FSA. FSA demands that everyone must be trained to food hygiene techniques and skills, as this is theresponsible way of maintaining the business in the safest mode. When staffed are trained it is not only the companies responsibility but also the company members to ensure that these regulations are taken seriously and professionally.

There is no legal way of obtaining these training. Either the company give it to you (by training sessions or trough the job) or you learn all by yourself eitherself-study or by specific courses.

The Jeronimo Martins Group(JMG) policy towards food safety and hygiene.

It has been always from JMG policy to conduct a strict policy when it concerns to food safety.

“Consumers and customers expect to buy safe products, complying with legal requirements and high standards of quality. The Jerónimo Martins Group has always been committed to responsible andproactive behaviour and has established "Food Quality and Safety" policies that guide the running of its businesses.” (in http://www.jeronimomartins.pt/en/grupo/responsabilidade_social_qualidade.html)

JMG is aware of the difficulties that are within these implementation and therefore they try, and it is said try due to the major complication that it has within their own staff and premises....
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