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Special features of H4n

Special features of H4n
Thank you very much for purchasing our ZOOM H4n Handy Recorder (hereinafter abbreviated to H4n).
The H4n has the following special features.

• An all-in-one handy recorder.
You can enjoy recording and creatingyour own music any time, anywhere with
the H4n.
The H4n has a very compact 280 g lightweight design, equipped with high quality
stereo condenser microphones arranged in an XY pickup pattern, a built-in speaker,
SD card recording, mixer and internal effects.

• Versatile field recorder with multi-track capability.
The H4n is capable of recording in several different operation modes: whichis capable of high quality stereo recording;
which can record 4 discrete channels simultaneously using the on-board microphones and the external inputs; which allows you to record
multiple tracks in multiple passes, overdubbing one or two tracks at a time. In
you can record for up to 11 hours using batteries only.

• Newly designed XY stereo microphones allow variable
recording patternsfrom 90 to 120 degrees.
The H4n allows the user to adjust the angle of the onboard microphones to address a wider range of recording scenarios. If you want a wider area of sound,
you can set the microphones to 120 degrees. Or set them to 90 degrees for a
more focused sound source. Either way, the mics retain their XY configuration,
so you can record natural stereo sound with no phasecancellation.

• XLR-1/4-inch combo jacks allow direct connection of
any sound source.
We’ve loaded the H4n with a versatile array of input options to accommodate a
variety of recording sources. Any type of microphone (including condensers),
electric instrument (guitar, bass, keyboard) or line level source can be connected
to the H4n.

• It can be used as an Audio Interface/SD card reader for
An onboard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed jack allows direct connection to a computer. You
can use it as an audio interface with built-in effects (sampling rate 44.1 kHz).
You can also use the H4n as an SD card reader for your computer. You can even
take the recorded files from your computer and create an audio CD using those
files as material in any DAW software.

• Other built-in functions:Tuner/Metronome/Karaoke.
The H4n can be used as a standard chromatic tuner. It is also capable of more
irregular tuning functions, like for a 7-string guitar or a 5-string bass, along with
others. The H4n has a metronome function convenient for practice and multitrack recording.
You can change playback speed between the ranges of 50% to 150%.
There are many other effects functions included, suchas center cancel function
for stereo files, Karaoke function with variable key control, language learning and
voice training function

* Please read this manual carefully to ensure comprehensive knowledge and proper use of the H4n.
After reading through it, please keep the manual for future reference


Vocal recording

Recording acoustic guitar sound

Piano recitals

Liveperformance recording

The band practices

Transfer analogue sound sources to digital sources

Recording the meetings

Any field sound recording

The H4n is ideal for the following scenarios

The H4n is ideal for the following scenarios

Drum practice recording


A table of contents

A table of contents

Special features of H4n ����������������������� 001

6-3 Setting up:Built-in microphones /outside microphone with plug-in power � 031

The H4n is ideal for the following scenarios �������������� 002

6-4 Setting up: INPUT [1], [2] connections and phantom power source �� 032

A table of contents ������������������������� 003

6-5 Setting up: USB connection, H4n used as an Audio Interface ���� 033

Safety precautions for users ��������������������� 006...
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