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Cat. No. H090-E1-01B

E5CK Digital Controller (Programmable Type)


The E5CK T is a high performance programmable digital controller. The E5CK T al lows the user to carry out the following: • Set program patterns to each step by time or ramp rise rate • Execute advance, hold and reset step operations • Execute continuous operation of all patterns and repeated operation of same patterns • Check the start of each step or program end time by signals. • Count time from the beginning of each step (time signal) • Select from many types of temperature and analog input (multi input) • Select output functions such as control output or alarm output (output assignment) • Monitor the control loop by LBA (Loop Break Alarm) • Use the communications function • Calibrate input or transfer output • The E5CK T also features a watertight construction (NEMA4: equivalent to IP66). This User's Manual describes how to use the E5CK T. Before using your E5CK T thoroughly read and understand this manual in order to ensure correct use. Also, store this manual in a safe place so that it can be retrieved whenever necessary.

When the product is used under the circumstances or environment below, ensure ad herence to limitations of the ratings and functions. Also, take countermeasures for safety precautions such as fail safe installations.
(1) Use under circumstances or environments which are not described in this user's manual. (2) Use for nuclear power control, railway, air craft, vehicle, incinerator, medical equipment, enter tainment equipment, safety device, etc. (3) Use for applications where death or serious property damage is possible and extensive safety pre cautions are required.

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