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Strategic planning involves creating a vision, with supporting goals that can be regularly measured and adjusted as needed. Use this guide and the accompanying worksheet as a starting point fordeveloping your strategic plan, and customize these resources to meet your club’s needs. The guide is designed for Rotary clubs but can be adapted for districts. The worksheet can be completedindependently or as a group. Facilitators should become familiar with these resources and prepare an agenda before conducting a strategic planning meeting. The agenda should allot the majority of time to thesecond and third steps of the process, which focus on the future, and less time to the current state of the club.

During the strategic planning process, keep the following tips in mind:

• Involvepast, current, and incoming club leaders.

• Include a wide variety of perspectives by involving the full club or a diverse representation of your club’s membership.

• Consider all ideas.

•Ask an unbiased facilitator or a small group of facilitators to run strategic planning meetings.

• Reflect on how your club’s goals align with those of your district and the priorities and goalsof the RI Strategic Plan.

• Be prepared to revisit your plan each year and adjust your strategic priorities and annual goals as needed.


Develop a strategic plan by engagingmembers in the process below. Use the accompanying worksheet to record your ideas.

1. Where are we now?

• Create a list of your club’s strengths and weaknesses as of today.

• Create a list ofopportunities and challenges facing your community.

When assessing your club’s current state, consult Be a Vibrant Club: Your Club Leadership Plan to determine what your club is already doing well andwhat you could do to rejuvenate it.

2. Where do we want to be?

• Create a list of 5 to 10 characteristics that you would like to see in your club three to five years from now.

• Draft a...
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