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Lesson 1 - Comparative forms
-er (older/heavier)
Palavras curtas (1 silaba):
old - older slow – slower cheap - cheaper
nice – nicer late - later big – bigger
Palavras que terminam com –y mudam para –ier
easy – easier heavy – heavier early – earlier
Rome is old but Athens is older.
Helen wants a bigger car.
Don’t write a letter.It’s easier to phone.MORE
Palavras longas (2/3/4 silabas) :
carefull – more carefull polite – more polite
expensive – more expensive interesting – more interesting
You must be more carefull.
Is it more interesting to go by car or by bus?

Exceção: Good e Bad
As palavras good e bad mudam completamente.
good – better bad – worse
Do you feel better today? No, I feel worse.
Theweather wasn’t very good yesterday but is better today.

Write the comparative:
Lesson 2 – Comparative forms 2
Usamos o THAN depois dos comparativos com o objetivo de comparar pessoas, objetos ou situações.
Athens is older than Rome.
Are oranges more expensive than bananas?
How are youtoday? Not bad. Better than yesterday.
Ao comparar duas pessoas voce pode usar:
than me/than him/than her/than us/than them.
I can run faster than him./I can run faster than he can.
I got up earlier than her./I got up earlier than she did.

MORE/LESS THAN (mais/ menos que)
Expressam situações em que algo é mais ou menos que outro.
The film was very short – less than anhour.
You go out more than me.
They have more money than they need.

NOT AS…AS (não tão…quanto)
Rome is not as old as Athens. (=Athens is older)
I don’t play tennis as often as you. (= you play more often)
Compare NOT AS…AS e THAN
Tennis isn’t as popular as football./Football is more popular than Tennis.
I don’t go out as much as you./You go out more than me.

AS…AS (tão …quanto)
Frases afirmativas e interrogativas.
I’m sorry I’m late. I got here as fast as I could.
There’s a plenty of food. You can have as much as you like.

1)Complete the sentences. Use THAN.

He isn’t very tall. You are taller than him.
1. She isn’t very old. You are…
2. I don’t work very hard. You work…
3. I’m not a very good cook. You are…
4. I can’t runvery fast. You can…
5. She hasn’t been here very long. You have…
6. They didn’t get up very early. You…
7. He wasn’t very surprised. You were…

2)Write sentences with NOT AS…AS

Athens is older than Rome. Rome isn’t as old as Athens.
1. My room is bigger than yours.
2. You got up earlier than me.
3. We played better than them.

3)Complete the sentences with THAN orAS

I can’t reach as high as you. You are taller than me.
1. He doesn’t know much. I know more . . .
2. I don’t work particularly hard. Most people work as hard . . .
3. We were very surprised. Nobody was more surprised . . .
4. She’s not a very good player. I’m a better player . . .
5. They have been very luck. I wish we were as lucky . . .

Lesson 3 – Superlative
Palavras curtas(1 silaba)
old – the oldest cheap – the cheapest nice – the nicest
good – the best bad – the worst
Palavras que terminam com –y mudam para –iest:
easy – the easiest heavy – the heaviest pretty – the prettiest
What is the longest river in the world?
Excuse me, where is the nearest bank?
Palavras longas (2/3/4 silabas)
careful – the most carefulinteresting – the most interesting
The church is very old. It’s the oldest building in the town.
My house is the biggest in the town.
Superlativo e Comparativo
The Europa Hotel is more expensive than the Grand.
The Europa Hotel is more expensive than all the hotels in the town.
The Europa Hotel is the most expensive hotel in town.

Complete the sentences. Use a...
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