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A guide to some technical terms you'll encounter while reading about the genius of Nikola Tesla.
01 - absorption – absorção, dedicação, consumo.
Absorption of a single photon could produce two or even three excited electrons.
02 - aether, luminiferous (Also known as the ether) – éter luminoso.
This property of space experimentally characterizes the luminiferous aether.
03 -alternating current (AC) – corrente alternada.
A legendary engineer credited with inventing much of the 20th-century technology including alternating current.
04 - alternator – alternador.
You think it could be the alternator but you suspect that your car's battery has given up the ghost.
05 - amplitude modulation (AM) – modulação de amplitude.
Amplitude modulation requires a high frequency constantcarrier and a low frequency modulation signal. 
06 – anode – ânodo.
Lithium batteries are primary batteries that have lithium metal or lithium compounds as an anode.
07 – antenna – antenna.
Just a radio antenna to reach the world.
08 - audio transducer – transdutor de audio.
Apart from the impossibility of trying to define the subjective term "good sound," there is no such thing as a"perfectly accurate" audio transducer.
09 - ballast – lastro, lastrear.
Isolated islands of ice, their ballast glowing emerald green under the water, pushing loudly into the subdued scatter of pack ice.
10 - base band – banda de base.
In contrast, baseband transmission used in most computer networks allows only one signal at a time.
11 - capacitor/condenser – condensador.
The simplest kind ofcapacitor has two parallel conductive plates separated.
12 - cart – transporter.
Qantas immediately checked oxygen supplies on more than 50 of its planes that had been serviced by a wrongly labelled nitrogen cart at.
13 - cathode – catódio, cátodo.
Think liquid crystal display, which first showed up in calculators and watches, and is now replacing cathode ray tubes.
14 – coherer - coesor:detector antigo de ondas eletromagnéticas.
Marconi estimated that to make one little coherer took him a thousand hours.
15 - conductor – maestro, conductor, trocador.
Built up by a helical lay or assembly of smaller solid conductors.
16 - coulomb – coulomb: unidade de eletricidade igual a um ampère por segundo.
We find that the proton-electron Coulomb interaction distributes matter more evenly,
17- current - corrente, fluxo, corrente elétrica, andamento, curso, movimento.
Electrical resistance is the opposition to the flow of an electrical current.
18 - decibel (dB) – decibel.
Researchers played a 90 decibel noise ? the equivalent of a maternal stomach rumble ? via a speaker on the abdomen of a pregnant woman.
19 - demodulation - demodulação.
The proposed approach is verified bysuccessful demodulation of a simulated fringe pattern and two experimental fringe patterns.
20 – dielectric – dielétrico.
Analysis of electromagnetic scattering by conducting and dielectric bodies drift waves Plasma oscillations arising in the presence of density gradients, such as at the plasma's surface. 
21 - earth wire – cabo terra, fio terra, terra.
The inverter must be connected to the earthwire in order to prevent injury to the user.
22 - Egg of Columbus – ovo de Colombo.
The Union for the Mediterranean is the egg of Columbus, is it not!
23 - electric charge – carga elétrica.
Magnetism and electric charge and the similarities and differences between these forces and their effects.
24 - electric dipole - dipolo elétrico.
Which of the statement is correct for an electricdipole?
25 - electric wave - onda elétrica.
The electric wave can be used to kill all the flies that cross it in one shot.
26 - electric field – campo elétrico.
Ion engines work by accelerating a beam of positively charged particles, called ions, away from the spacecraft using an electric field.
27 - electrostatic machine – máquina eletrostática.
If a charged electroscope discharges in a few...
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