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Entrepreneurship – Cases of success

Made by: * Vitor Hugo Sá Cunha Machado Nº 151 3º T.I.G. Subject: English
Teacher: Cláudia Camposinhos
School: Instituto Nun’Alvres

The Tupperware

Regarding module 8(The world of work), in English class, we were asked to do an assignment concerning entrepreneurship, namely a story of some product/brand that revealed itself innovating and useful to the population in some way.
I decided to talk about the Tupperware. Most people already know this product, but do they know its history? Or who created it? Besides that, I’ll be mentioning a lot more about this creative product, so stay tuned!

It all started when Dupont’s chemical engineer, Earl Silas Tupper, decided to use expensive polymers to replace cheap plastic. His goal was to find a way to produce a light, flexible, unbreakable and helpful plastic that could be used mainly in the kitchen. His experiments resulted in a versatile plastic called polyethylene. This happened in 1942.
After this first invention, Earl created the “Tupperware Plastics Company” and started to produce the TUPPERWARE products, which were released in the American market around the year 1946.
Its main goals were to keep all the food dry, tasty and with a bigger chance of lasting inside the fridge. Although the product was new and well-functioning, the first years of sales were not as successful as expected. However, at the end of the decade, the company managed to do a fantastic marketing move, which consisted in the famous “Tupperware Parties”, where the consumer (in this case, mostly the housewife) demonstrated and sold the product to their friends. It was in the early 50’s that the company gained the “impulse” to grow bigger and faster, mainly thanks to this marketing move, but also because people started to realize that having a Tupperware helped a lot in the domestic routine.
It was in the 60’s that the company started having success globally, thanks to a