Gestão de reciclagem considerando a dispersão das fontes fornecedoras

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Coleta, Armazenagem, Seleção, Classificação e Distribuição de Sucata Para Reprocessamento - Um Estudo de Logística Reversa

Eduardo Lopes

Designer – desenvolvimento de novos produtos - pesquisador autônomo

Recycling Management Considering the Dispersion of Supply


Collection, Storing, Selection, Classification and Distribution of Waste Discarded Scrap for Reprocessing - A Study of Reverse Logistic

Abstract - Recycle management is seen here as a sector of reverse logistic. The author developed a conceptual work methodologically directed to organizational intelligence in the logistic field and so, in recycling management. The dispersion of supply source is the most important problem in this field, making management a complex activity dedicated to the optimization of distributed factors, that still escape control in spatial and temporal vectors. Such factors are attributed to human, equipment and materials. Recycling management problems become associated to knowledge management (KM) equated in a context of SCM – Supply Chain Management. Some device may facilitate objective reply and actions concerning who should get what, where, in what volume, with what operational means, where it should be stored, what actions should be executed in what location, how long this activity will take. It will also answer whether that should be an isolated activity or whether it should be articulated with others. The author points to the efficacy of organized models with special attention to his SGR that has as one of its most interesting applications the capacity to be a model of reference for the elaboration of corporative portal. The group of solutions for recycling management consists of three recommendations: 1 – to implant virtual community of agents or a corporative portal as a virtual social web; 2 – to adopt a new transport system combining, 3 - priority production cooperatives.

Kae words: Recycling, Reverse Logistic, Organizational Intelligence,


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