Gears of war

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Gears of War for DVD-5.

In-game audio and texts in spanish or english, according to the choice made within the options (use the shortcut you will find in "Start\Programs\Gears of War").

To be able to make this version, the movie at the caves has been deleted; the rest of them and every animation have been kept.

AMD users might install "amdcpusetup.exe", which can be found at "Binaries"folder. Some useful libraries and Hamachi can also be found at "Extras" DVD folder.

The game is updated to patch 1 and cracked. The third patch (cracked) is also included, in case the first one does not work properly.

You will need more than 9 GB of free HD space and 300 MB of free RAM to install the game, and it is not recommended to select a root folder as destiny.

Lan/vpn (Hamachi, forexample) cooperative play works perfectly (two players) and every mission has been unlocked.

Some antivirus will say "FixName.exe" is infected. This file is ONLY NECESSARY to change player's name from "Jimbo" to anyone desired (not to crack the game), so you can perfectly delete it and play with the default name given.



A. SystemRequirements

Gears of War for Windows requires a personal computer with the following minimum system requirements:

• 2.4-gigahertz (GHz) or faster Intel processor, or 2.0 GHz or faster AMD processor.
• Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista.
• 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM.
• NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better graphics card, or ATI X700 or better graphics card.
• Support for DirectX 9.0c orlater. DirectX 9.0c is included on the DVD.
• Microsoft keyboard and mouse or Microsoft-compatible keyboard and pointing device.
• Sound card and speakers or headphones for optional audio.
• Internet access for optional Gears of War downloadable content.

B. Using the Game Editor

Gears of War for Windows includes a game editor on disc. For more information on working with this gameeditor, see This editor is provided on an as-is basis and without any warranty of any kind, and it is unsupported by Epic and by Microsoft.

Note: Respect the rights of others. By making custom content available, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for that content. You agree that you have all necessary rights to make any content publiclyavailable and that it complies with all applicable laws and does not violate the rights of any person or entity.

Publishing maps with Microsoft Vista might require that you start the game as an Administrator: To do this, go to Start, Run, and then type “cmd.” Right-click “cmd,” and then select “Run as Administrator.” Click “Allow” to elevate privileges. Go to the Game install director (defaultC:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftGames\GearsofWar), create the map and then publish it.

C. Known Gameplay Issues

Game does not start on some Samsung DVD drives: If you attempt to start the game with some Samsung DVD drives, Startup.exe may crash. To fix this problem, restart the game.

Player cannot obtain Pistolero achievement in player matches: If you play a player match and kill someone in"execution" style, that kill only counts toward the match and does not add a headshot or pistol kill to your statistics.

Roadie running cannot be performed when playing in the game editor: When you play a game in the game editor, you cannot turn while roadie running. To fix this problem, run the game once before using the game editor.

D. Known Configuration Issues

Visit the official Web site forthe latest updates and support information:

Certain keys on non-English keyboards do not function correctly: On some non-English keyboards, certain keys do not work as expected. In other words, what appears when you press the key is not what is printed on the key. To fix this problem, remap any problem keys.

Input Method Editors (IME) can only be used within...
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