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Game Concept & Design Document Template
Game Concept & Design Document Template

 Document Contents

1 Template Introduction 1

2 Concept Document 2

2.1 Title Page 2
2.2 Credit Page 2
2.3 Sign-Off 3
2.4 Introduction 3
2.5 Game Analysis 3
2.6 Game Atmosphere 5
2.7 Game Play 5
2.8 Key Features 6
2.9 Selling Features 6

3 Design Document 7

3.1 Design Version 7
3.2 DesignGuidelines 7
3.3 Game Design Definitions 7
3.4 Game Matrix 7
3.5 Game Flow Chart 8
3.6 Player Elements 8
3.6.1 Player Definition 8
3.6.2 Player Properties 8
3.6.3 Player Rewards (Power-ups & Pick-ups) 9
3.6.4 User Interface (UI) 9
3.6.5 Heads up Display (HUD) 9
3.6.6 Player View 9
3.7 Antagonistic Elements 9
3.7.1 Antagonistic Definitions 10
3.7.2 Antagonistic Properties 10
3.7.3Antagonistic List 10
3.7.4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) 10
3.8 Global Game Elements 10
3.9 The Story 10
3.9.1 The Story Copy 10
3.10 Concept Art 10
3.11 Level Design 11
3.12 Audio & Sound F/X 11
3.13 Game Architecture 11
3.13.1 Game Architecture Overview 12
3.13.2 How to play 12

4 Technical Document 13

4.1 System Requirements 13
4.2 Visual Content 13
4.3 Audio Content 14
4.4Programming Content 14
4.5 Code Structure 14
4.6 Concerns and Alternatives 15
4.7 Resources 15
4.8 Technical Matrix 15

5 Appendix A 16

5.1 Taxonomy 16
5.2 Genre 16
5.3 Game Elements 17
5.4 Content 17
5.5 Theme 17
5.6 Style 17

6 Appendix B 18

7 Appendix C 1

8 Appendix D 1

Template Introduction

This document is based on the research done during an internship at OverloadedPocket Media. The document it’s self has been updated several based on new experiences and insight into game design. In this version it is my intension to describe a broader range of game than just mobile games, as well as provide a document for fellow students and game designers to use.

This document has been created with the intention of making a clear game design document. To do this thedocument has been divided into 3 different documents, the game concept document, game mechanics document and game tech document. This is done with the intention of making a modular document that can be updated and split into different versions easily.

Documents created with this game design template will focus upon creation of a well devised game. What this template does not do is predictthe playability of the game and define a plan for the overall game development. It is there for important to consider this is only one phase in the Game Development process. I recommend that any game design be tested with tangible means such as pencil and paper, cards, board, etc, before any major resources are allotted to it. It is also important to understand that this document will act as astarting point and can not replace hands on interactivity and game testing.

Much of the contents of the game design will be influence by factors such as the game being licensed, the type of game and the game designer himself. In the end this template is to act as a guide to concise documentation allowing the designer to give more attention to creativity.

Concept Document

The conceptdocument serves the purpose as a way to present a game concept.

A general overview of the game, with the idea anyone can read and understand what the game is like.

This part of the document is one that will change very little once the concept is accepted.

1 Title Page

Game Name, Game Logo, Game Catch Phrase, Document Type, Document Version.

These need to be clear so that when used as adocument everyone immediately recognizes it.

2 Credit Page

This area should present information about the person who authored the document and for what company.


|Document Purpose: | |
|Document Version: |...
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