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IEEE 802.3 Industry Connections Bandwidth Assessment

19th July 2012

IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group Communication
From: Date: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group1 19th July 2012

Subject: IEEE Industry Connections Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Approval: Agreed to at IEEE 802.3 Plenary meeting, San Diego, 19th July 2012 During the IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet project, it wasobserved that the bandwidth requirements for core networking and computing applications were growing at different rates, driving the need to develop the two new wireline Ethernet speeds. In order to maintain an ongoing understanding of the industry bandwidth trends, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc was created. The scope of this ad hoc was to focus on gathering information thatwould enable an assessment of the bandwidth needs for Ethernet wireline applications, including, but not limited to, core networking and computing. The attached assessment is the culmination of the open 2011 industry assessment performed by the ad hoc. It includes a summary of the data brought forward by individuals throughout the Ethernet ecosystem. All contributed information is solely theperspective of the respective contributors. It should be noted that all submitted data should be considered a snapshot of the perceived bandwidth requirements at the time of submission.

Sincerely, David Law Chair, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group

1 The views expressed in this document solely represent the views of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group, and do not necessarily represent a position of theIEEE, the IEEE Standards Association, or IEEE 802.


IEEE 802.3 Industry Connections Bandwidth Assessment

19th July 2012

IEEE 802.3 BWA Ad Hoc Report, 19th July 2012

IEEE 802.3™ Industry Connections Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment
Prepared by the

IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
This is a report on the future bandwidth needs of Ethernet wireline applications.

This report canbe found at the following URL:http://www.ieee802.org/3/ad_hoc/bwa/BWA_Report.pdf

Copyright © 2012 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved. Published 19 July 2012. Reproduction and distribution of this document in whole or in part by any medium is permitted. Appropriate acknowledgement of the source and ownership of the material should be made with anysuch reproduction and distribution. IEEE and 802 are registered trademarks in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, owned by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated. Participants The following individuals were officers and members of the IEEE 802.3 working group when this report was approved. David J. Law, IEEE 802.3 Working Group Chair Wael William Diab, IEEE 802.3Working Group Vice-Chair Adam Healey, IEEE 802.3 Working Group Secretary Steven B. Carlson, IEEE 802.3 Working Group Executive Secretary Valerie Maguire, IEEE 802.3 Working Group Treasurer John D’Ambrosia, IEEE 802.3 Industry Connections Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc Chair Pete Anslow, IEEE 802.3 Industry Connections Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc Editor
Abaye, Ali Abbas, Ghani Abbott, John Allard, MichelAmleshi, Peerouz Anderson, Jon Balasubramanian, Koussalya Balasubramanian, Vittal Baldwin, Thananya Barnett, Barry Barr, David Barrass, Hugh Beaudoin, Denis Belopolsky, Yakov Bennett, Michael Bhatt, Vipul Bhoja, Sudeep Bliss, William Booth, Brad Boyd, Edward Braun, Ralf-Peter Breuer, Dirk Brophy, Timothy Brown, Alan Brown, Kevin Brown, Matthew Bugg, Mark Busse, Robert Carroll, J. Martin Chadha,Mandeep Chalupsky, David Chang, Frank Chang, Fuhlim


IEEE 802.3 Industry Connections Bandwidth Assessment

19th July 2012

Chen, Chung-Jue Cheng, Wheling Chou, Joseph Choudhury, Golam Cideciyan, Roy Cole, Christopher R. Cui, Kai Dai, Eugene Dawe, Piers Diamond, Patrick Diminico, Chris Donahue, Curtis Donnay, Beth Dove, Dan Dudek, Mike Dwelley, David Elbakoury, Hesham Estes, David...
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